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The Last Blademaster
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The Question of Anarchy
I dreamed a dream so long ago
I thought that I'd forgotten
Of life and love and liberty,
The Pursuit of happiness begotten.
This dream is called America
And I believe it still exists.
In all I see,
Yes, we're still free,
but its fading like the mist.
This dream is sung in song and tale
from sea to shining sea.
And I sing it proud
I sing it loud,
with millions more like me.
There are those who ponder, those who wait
There are those out there screaming
There are those who say its Anarchy
for which we all are dreaming
But caution say I, don't get me wrong,
I feel the anger rising
But reckless action taken too swiftly
can lead to freedom dying
We gather we march, our voices loud
in a collective wailing moan.
A song to all our brethren souls
"You are not alone."
And this is good, this is fine.
For we are social creatures.
Of all colors, faiths and walks of life,
Yet we share so many features.
So before you throw
Your sticks and stones
and scream for a change of song.
My voice of
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Knight Warden by Mixmaster900 Knight Warden :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 1 1 They're Crazy by Mixmaster900 They're Crazy :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 1 0
Mature content
The Last Blademaster Chapter 34 :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 0 0
Mature content
End of Man Teaser 2 :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 1 0
Dredd by Mixmaster900 Dredd :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 2 0
Mature content
The End of Man Teaser :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 1 8
The Legend of Zelda: The Last
The Legend of Zelda: The Last Blademaster
Chapter 33
Shards glared about him warily, and growled in disgust.  The traitor was here with the queen, dancing as if they were an old wedded couple.  If he had wanted to, the Spy could have easily slain them without anyone noticing, but he had something much more sinister in mind.  His master’s orders were strict and clear; Erik was to suffer, not die.  Not yet, at least.
Slinking fluidly amid the throngs of people gawking at the pair waltzing in the great hall, the Black Gerret smoothly made his way to his person.
“Impaz, what bring you here?” asked a grumpy Keddlesly.  The baron had resigned himself to a table, another flagon of wine in his right hand, his left balled into a fist.  The barons eyes and face were red, and he was breathing laboredly.
Shards played coy.  “Nothing, dear baron, but I must ask, what is troubling you?”
Keddlesly looked as though he might cry.  He
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The Legend of Zelda: The Last
The Legend of Zelda: The Last Blademaster
Chapter 32
The moment Link walked into the Great Hall, he was met with a barrage of sensation.  The walls were covered in Hylian banners of royal blue, bright yellow and crimson, the six massive chandielers were trimmed to give off a steady light, and streamers of gold and silver hung from them in neat little bows.  The entire hall itself was scrubbed clean, the marble floor polished to shine, and the carpet that usually dominated the floor had been rolled up.  The entire hall sparkled beautifully.
Musicians were crowded into an alcove on the left, playing graceful melodies to which a number of lords and ladies danced to.  Three tables were arranged to the right in rows, one sporting a collection of artifacts of Hyrule’s history which many of the more scholarly guests poured over, one of food and drink, which many of the guests took full advantage of, and another, longer one, at which guests rested from dancing, or chatted with friends.  
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Chapter 31The drums filled t
The Last Blademaster Chapter 31
The drums filled the air as the horde moved on deeper into Hyrule.
The horde was restricted from moving too quickly in the dense woods of Faron, but it mattered little to Derge.  Link and the bastard Erik would have told everyone of my presence by now, he speculated.  Derge wasn’t a picky man.  If he had stealth and surprise in his arsenal, then all the better, but he was confident and strong enough to do with out them.  Besides, he had more pressing matters at hand.  Ahead of him was the light spirit of the woods.  
Faron crawled balefully out of the waters of his home, seizing his ball of light as he glared at the warlord and his host.
So, it was you, Takavirr.  A powerful and wise man you were once…I knew not you would lower yourself to treachery and murder.
Derge stiffened slightly, recognizing the honorific title he once held.
“Oh, spare me your philosophy,” Derge sneered, “or do you not know what has happene
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The Legend of Zelda: The Last Blademaster chp. 30
Chapter 30
"We've gotten everyone we could gather in the castle, sir.  The masons and miners are right to work."
Erik prowled the top of the walls of Hyrule Castle, observing the work taking place below.  All around the Castle and the Town, a massive, cavernous hole was being dug.  Blacksmiths were working night and day,  forging swords, shields and spears, while fletchers manufactured arrows by the bundle.  Bruce, the owner of the Golden Cuccoo Inn, had offered to enlist to teach the soldiers basic machinery building and repair, utilizing his time in the lumber industry to construct siege engines, while his wife Mazie converted their Inn into a hospital ward.  Every volunteering, able bodied man, Goron and Zora were equipped, then enrolled into Erik's combat training.  The soldiers had by now built up a new respect for their new leader, and General Fredrick named him Vice General and head Advisor.  However, it was after two months of preparation and training that Zelda kn
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The Legend of Zelda: The Last Blademaster chp. 29
Chapter 29
Ilia sat in Derge's pavilion, holding her breath in anxiety and anticipation.  The warlord was calmly reading a book whilst lounging on his throne.  He hadn't spoken a word to her since her capture in Ordon two days ago.
Ilia shifted nervously.  She was seated at a table laden with food for the two of them.  But the young woman had no appetite whatsoever, instead dreading the hour when her captor claimed her that night.  She knew it would be tonight; why else would Derge have sent for her, have her dress in a long, surprisingly light blue modest dress and wait for his command?  Tonight would be the night, and Ilia prayed for either one of two things, that it would end quickly, or she would die before it was over.
Derge slowly closed the book and sighed, leaning royally back against the throne.  His eyes where closed, his mouth drawn into a slight frown.  He rose without warning and, much to Ilia's fear, drew his sword.  
"Peace, little one," said Derge in a shockingly gentle
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Birdwatching by Mixmaster900 Birdwatching :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 11 6 Patience is a bloody virture by Mixmaster900 Patience is a bloody virture :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 0 2 Dr. Ricthofen by Mixmaster900 Dr. Ricthofen :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 2 0 In Mother Russia... by Mixmaster900 In Mother Russia... :iconmixmaster900:Mixmaster900 13 1


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To all my deviant watchers, and those who happened along

I have put The Last Blademaster on hold indefinitely to pursue another work.  I am currently writing a Zombie Apocalypse story and I have more or less abandoned my fanfic.

DO NOT FEAR!  This doesn't mean that I am scrapping the whole thing.  I am merely trying something different.  And yes, that is why I have not posted anything else for a God-awful long time now.  

I am posting a sneak peak of my Zombie story, called the End of Man.  It is my goal to get this work published one day.

And who knows?  Maybe I'll finish TLB.  You'll never know...unless you stay tuned!

To all my deviants, this is Mixmaster signing off...


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Mike Ruflin
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United States
What's up?! Sorry if I put you off a bit with my bombastic attitude. I'm so full of the life God gave me and I channel it through music, drawing and writing. My writing skills are a step better than my drawing skills, but I'm getting there. I love anything that has to do with Legend of Zelda, so hit me up if you got it!

Now anime version!

By the way, here is a link to a fanfic that I REALLY enjoy. If you love post-Ocarina of Time Zelda (or any zelda for that matter) Read this or die.…


^what happens in my head everyday...:dummy:




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